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Successful Global Teams and Third Culture

In today’s interconnected world, organizations and individuals regularly face the challenge of working effectively in global teams. Whether a first overseas assignment, a “going global” expansion or assembling a new global team, many feel the frustration of distance, misunderstanding, inefficiency and even failure. Culture is often at the root of these troubles. Yet there are individuals and global teams who develop a cultural fluency allowing them not only to work through these problems but also to reach a new level of synergy. They understand and respect one another’s cultures. They know how to communicate appropriately, celebrating difference. These differences often lead to new levels of productivity — a global, cross-cultural space. We call this Third Culture.

The 8 Key Questions of Culture

We find that the following eight questions provide a strong starting point in understanding cultural differences. Each question introduces a pair of cultural orientations between which conflict and confusion often arises.
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